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Toppers for your mattress make a real difference even if only 1 or 2” deep

Did you know we can also make
fitted sheets and mattress protectors

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DRY-Mat® Stops Condensation Under Mattresses ALSO Improves Comfort DRY-Mat Mattress Toppers All Bedding




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Custom mattresses made simple at last

We make it Easy and Affordable!




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Custom Made To Measure Mattresses and Bedding


A Little Bit About Us

Ship Shape Mattresses is part of Ship Shape World Ltd - the most popular supplier of Marine Bedding in the UK and Europe.

We are a family run business  that cares about service above all. We are only here because our customers keep coming back to us and like what we do.

Our aim is to always make things easy for you, our customers.  We know that using your caravan or motorhome is your hobby to be enjoyed and they should not be a burden to you  - we will do what we can to help you.

We believe that in life if you sleep well you enjoy life and certainly the reverse is true too.

Give us a call to see how we can add to the pleasure of your stay in your home from home.

Best wishes to you from all at Ship Shape Mattresses

The Best and Easiest way to get a perfect new mattress! - Make a difference and sleep well.... The Best and Easiest way to get a perfect new mattress! - Make a difference and sleep well....