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 How to make a Template
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How to make a template For Trade Only
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Toppers for your mattress make a real difference even if only 1 or 2” deep

Did you know we can also make
fitted sheets and mattress protectors

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DRY-Mat® Stops Condensation Under Mattresses ALSO Improves Comfort DRY-Mat Mattress Toppers All Bedding




How to make a template

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Custom Made To Measure Mattresses and Bedding


Shaped Duvets and Covers

Mattress Protectors

DRY Mat®

Fitted Sheets

Anti Condensation Layer For Mattresses All Custom Made To Measure Bedding

1) Select Mattress

2) Select Extras and Finishing Touches

3) Templates - (we make it easy!)   Either:

A) send us measurements if the mattress is straight forward, or
B) send a template on brown paper - (we tell you the easy way)
Or simplest of all for odd shaped mattresses
C) We can pick up your old mattress, and use these as templates, unpicking them, making any alterations and disposing of them after for you.

New and Replacement Mattress
Foam and Pocket Sprung

Mattress Toppers



Prices are
given every step of the way.

Custom Made To Measure Mattress Toppers New Mattresses

Foam, Pocket Sprung & Memory Foam
New and Replacement Mattresses

Quick & Easy!

We specialise in Made To Measure Mattresses and Bedding for any custom sized bed you may have.

We are here to make the process quick and easy with prices quoted throughout. We aim to have your Custom Mattress and Bedding delivered within 3 - 5 weeks.


Come and see us at the Southampton Boat Show 2015! Meet the Ship Shape team, try out our comfy mattresses and see our bedding, galleyware and DRY-Mat®. We will be there from 11th - 20th September, it is the perfect opportunity to have a great day out and get some knowledgeable guidance on which mattress is right for you. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Best and Easiest way to get a perfect new mattress! - Make a difference and sleep well.... The Best and Easiest way to get a perfect new mattress! - Make a difference and sleep well....