How to make a template for a mattress

where the sides are not vertical

 (ie How to measure  how much wider the

top of the mattress is than at the base)

Replacement Mattress Template

Step 2 - Marking how much wider the top is (ie the angles of the sides)

1) Mark a ruler / stick / pencil at the depth of the mattress that you want

    (e.g. 7" for most pocket sprung mattresses)

2) Hold the stick / ruler vertically on the edge of the template and using a tape measure note the distance to the side of the hull.

3) Write this distance down on the template and repeat at the corners and two or three places along each side.

How to make a template?

Step 1 - Make the mattress base template

1) Lay a large piece of brown paper on the bed base.

2) Crease it by running your fingers around the edge.

3) Cut this template out. And check that it still fits the     bed base nice and snug.

How To Make A Template For A New Mattress
If you have any problems, don’t have the time or would simply rather that we did it. - Then please choose the third option on the order form and pick up your old mattress, and use these as templates, unpicking them, making any alterations and disposing of them for you.

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